Chris' Shadow Page

4000 miles in 13 days
Or How to get away from it all

Welcome to the home of my Shadow on the Web. If your looking for my old pages, they aren't here anymore. Email me and I'll send you whatever you want off of the old pages. I still have them, but no one was looking at them, so I decided if the bike was going to rule my world, I might as well have my page reflect my interest.

It's also a place others with the best bike in the world can come and look at my bike and all the mods and add on's I've wasted lots of time and way too much money on.

If you have a Honda Shadow ACE 750

Do NOT go to this place.

It will cause irreperable harm to you and your bike. It is Blacktop's Strictly ACE 750 shop. It will cause your wallet to empty, quickly. If you do go to Do NOT go into the Delphi forum. That will cause your brain to empty.

Here are some early pics of the bike, and some of my sig pics from the forum.

Please ignore the dork leaning on the bike.

Next we have Modifications I've done.
I'll get the pics up with links to pages as soon as I can get pictures and pages up.
A brief list is as follows:
And I've of course bought some things to go WITH the bike.

Sig Pictures from the Delphi Forum

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